Care Direct Compounding Pharmacy

PROBLEM Revenues are not high enough.

SOLUTION Taking advantage of the law that allows up to 40% physician ownership in a compounding pharmacy by having Care Direct establish and build your own pharmacy to handle non-government insured patient needs.

Superior Customer Service…at Your Own Pharmacy

Care Direct offers custom compounding of non-sterile items with superior customer service. Prescriptions are received by fax or electronically. The pharmacists contact the patient to resolve any issues with insurance or co-payment, and the compound is mailed to the patient within 2-3 business days.

If your practice typically writes 20 compound prescriptions per day for non-government patients, you have enough volume to sustain your own pharmacy. If your volume is lower, we can suggest pairing with another practice. The buy-in is affordable, and once the pharmacy is profitable, there is a monthly division of profits among the owners.