FreeEMG 100 RT

PROBLEM Existing surface EMG systems are complicated and tethered by wires.

SOLUTION FreeEMG uses small, lightweight, completely wireless probes which allows free range of motion.

Wireless System for the Real-Time Acquisition of Biological Signals

The "little brother" of the Free EMG 300, the BTS FREEEMG 100 RT is the first truly affordable wireless sEMG solution available. Available with 2-6 probes, this system presents data in both graphical and anatomical representations, allowing clinicians to quickly assess muscle imbalance and other issues.

BTS FREEEMG 100 RT satisfies researcher and clinician requirements who need to rely daily on a highly efficient system that is easy to both configure and use.

The probes amplify the signals, digitize them on board and communicate with the USB receiver connected directly to the computer. The complete absence of wiring not only minimizes patient discomfort during the preparation, but also provides unrestricted full range of motion during the task. The probes' variable geometry and the dramatically-reduced size and weight allows them to be used on any body segment and during all types of movement (walking, running, jumping, etc) on a variety of subjects without affecting the motor pattern. Due to the use of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries several hours of data can be recorded.

BTS FREEEMG 100 RT is supplied with advanced EMG software applications: EMG-Analyzer and BTS EMGenius.

BTS EMG-Analyzer

BTS EMG-Analyzer is the most complete software solution for EMG signal analysis. It includes predefined templates for evaluations in clinic, sport and research fields: jump, plyometric, gait, fatigue analysis, isokinetics, etc. It also includes an editor to design elaboration protocols: the user can develop quickly and effectively customized elaboration protocols. Thanks to an innovative visual object-based interface, the mathematical analysis language is translated into graphical form.

BTS EMGenius

BTS EMGenius is the applicative software for the functional evaluation of cycle movements (as in the gait), by means of automatic identification of the gait phases, or of movements such as hand to mouth, sit to stand, hand flex-extension, reaching, etc. BTS EMGenius provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface: the user quickly learns how to use the software achieving the highest productivity level for the lab.