BTS G-Walk

PROBLEM Motion analysis is often cumbersome and expensive.

SOLUTION G-Walk provides an affordable wireless, card-sized sensor that extrapolates the objective gait parameters.

Complete Solution for the Evaluation of Spatial-Temporal Gait Parameters

BTS G-WALK is the ideal solution for treating pathologies related to gait disorders.

BTS G-WALK is a wireless system consisting of an inertial sensor composed of a tri-axial accelerometer, a magnetic sensor, and a tri-axial gyroscope, that positioned on L5, allows a functional gait analysis.

After the data has been captured, the system extrapolates all of the spatial-temporal gait parameters required to automatically perform a diagnosis or to define a training strategy.

BTS G-WALK is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to obtain accurate, objective and quantitative data.

There is absolutely no preparation required to run an analysis and reports are automatically generated after each trial. These factors make the G-WALK an ideal tool for a wide range of applications. From injury and fall prevention to rehabilitative work; the G-WALK is a truly revolutionary tool in the world of gait analysis.