PROBLEM Evaluation of movement - for rehab or for athletic optimization - is often left to subjective methods.

SOLUTION OptoGait allows quantitative measurement of underlying bio-mechanical differences in a person's left and right legs.

Providing a Quantitative
Evaluation of Movement

By moving between the parallel LED sensing bars, a person's motions are captured and analyzed by the OptoGait software. Whether walking, jumping, or moving in any direction within the tracks, the motions are translated into data.

The motion is mapped out on a computer screen, allowing a physician or trainer to visually detect imbalances. They can then compare data from the left and right legs to analyze the patient's gait and understand their inefficiencies.

This technology can be used to answer questions such as:

  • Do you have equal power in your left and right legs?
  • Is your agility improving with conditioning?
  • Are the orthotics really helping?
  • Is your left leg as quick as your right?
  • Do the muscles in your body react in sync?