PROBLEM Time constraints on primary care physicians make cognitive assessment in the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits cumbersome and costly.

SOLUTION Let TestSmartRx provide psychometric assessments of cognitive functioning by placing a technician in your office. Using the information from these tests can also increase revenue flow to your practice.

Healthier Patients, Healthier Practice

TestSmartRx provides the clinician with a standardized quantitative view of his patients’ neurocognitive status that is valid, reliable, and objective. Re-testing at set intervals, as well as after changes in medication and treatment, facilitates monitoring and enables a longitudinal view of a patient’s condition. This longitudinal monitoring helps guide interventions, while creating a secure registry to measure treatment and clinical outcomes.

The process works like this:

  • The Primary Care Physician (PCP) writes a standing order that all patients will receive a Murray Questionnaire and that any patient answering positively to the Murray Neurocognitive Questionnaire will be tested that day.
  • Each patient receives the Murray Questionnaire in the waiting room and completes the brief survey.
  • PCP reviews Questionnaire and refers patients who answer positively to same-day testing at the TestSmartRx station in the office.
  • If needed, preliminary test results are available for immediate review at the time of the original office visit.
  • The patient is scheduled for a follow-up in one week to discuss test results and to effectively integrate the information into their treatment plan.
  • Once the test results are received, the PCP bills for integration of information as well as diagnosis, usually within 48 hours.
  • Need for further testing is determined by the PCP, and test results are tracked to determine effectiveness of treatments.